UPS System Sales & Service

To increase the life span and reliability of your power supply and related equipment it is imperative to have a schedule maintenance plan in place. Power Source Service can provide you with peace of mind. Our motto is “No Surprises”.

Liebert, Toshiba, Chloride, and Emerson UPS Experts

As UPS equipment begins to age, you may notice little equipment failures start to occur, there are less available parts, and system support is harder to find.   All of these are threats to the reliability of your equipment.  At Power Source Service we will provide you with the knowledge that comes with servicing customers critical power needs just like yours.  We do everything necessary to help your system meet UL1778 requirements.

We will work on many systems, and if you are looking to extend the life of an older system we are THE GUYS to have do this for you.  Looking for a new system?  Or buy a used one?  We have found that Liebert, Toshiba, and Chloride are the highest-quality systems and best suited for long-term operation (in other words, spending resources to keep these branded systems running is totally worth it).

We also have “Send in Repair” available for single phase UPS’s with the fastest turn around in the business.

NOTE on Chloride UPS Systems:  Did you know that Powersource Service is one of the only Chloride UPS parts and service vendors in the MidWest?  Chloride has been out of business for 5 years, they were acquired by Liebert.  One of our niches is that we can still get parts for existing Chloride equipment.  Most other vendors will tell customers to sell their Chloride UPS and buy a new system, however, we attest that these are excellent systems and worth the effort to continue using them.  If you need service on your Chloride, or want to purchase a used one, we will contract out setup and install of any Chloride UPS, oftentimes we will offer free factory start up.   Obviously this is dependent on travel considerations, but give us a call nonetheless to get a quote.  Set up and Start up of Choride UPS systems are one of our specialties. 

Maintenance Contracts for UPS Systems

Get access to experienced and dependable UPS engineers and technicians.   Long term maintenance contracts insure you are first in line for emergency service for your existing or new UPS Systems.  Periodic performance testing is highly recommended.

UPS maintenance contracts are available for Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, and Western Pennsylvania.

UPS Installation Coordinators / New & Used Systems

One of our highlights is our ability to act as Project Manager for an overall Emergency Backup Power Deployment.  Some of the highlights of this are:

  • We will help you assess your needs.
  • Help you shop for a proper UPS.
  • Work with you to set up an acceptable staging area
  • Get all the necessary permits
  • Work with the electricians and electrical engineers needed to have the staging area ready to receive the generator and UPS and build proper tie-ins to the existing electrical network.
  • Work with the generator sales and installation people
  • Coordinate the UPS purchase, delivery, and installation (usually we do this ourselves)
  • Train your plant personnel on their role in the ongoing maintenance and testing of the system.

We are one of the only “one stop shops” that handle the entire project from beginning to end in the Region.   Trying to do one of these deployments with minimum power interruption, disruption to day to day operations can be vexing.  We know how to do it, and can save you money with our experience.

UPS (UL1778)

What is UL1778?   This is a number that you will see coming up if you are shopping for a UPS.  This Standard applies to UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SYSTEMS (UPS). The primary function of the UPS for this Standard is to ensure continuity of an alternating power source. The UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SYSTEM may also serve to improve the quality of the power source by keeping it within specified characteristics.   Here is the actual UL spec on it.