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UPS & Emergency Power Experts

Experienced emergency power and lighting specialists serving the Upper Midwest.  Specializing in building and supporting UPS/emergency power and lighting infrastructure.  We support Liebert, Emerson, Controlled Power, Dual Lite, PowerVar, and more.

Power Source has been helping businesses meet their emergency power needs for many years, and our lead technicians are well-versed in both newer and older UPS systems and Emergency lighting systems.  Power Source technicians work on many brand-names, including Liebert, Emerson, Chloride, and more.  Our UPS technicians have helped our customers keep older systems up and running for many many years, saving some of them hundreds of thousands of dollars in premature replacement costs.  We invite you to read some of our lead technicians thoughts on buying, installing, and maintaining these mission critical emergency power and lighting systems, you will find that these technicians look out for the operational and financial interests of our customers first and foremost.  On this site, we also will share our thoughts on retaining and operating older UPS systems for many years into the future.

UPS/Emergency Power Support:  Liebert, Emerson, and More

We are very experienced in supporting Liebert and Emerson UPS systems. This includes doing routine maintenance, installing used and refurbished UPS systems, and doing periodic viability tests to see if the UPS is working properly. This type of UPS testing includes not only checking on the proper status of the UPS batteries, but also critical UPS components that are more vulnerable to potential wear and tear due to prolonged usage, including control boards, capacitors, etc. An economical way to make sure these very important actions are taken on a continuing basis is to secure a discounted service contract for your business. If you are interested in this, please talk to our technician to establish what your custom service contract should cover.

UPS Installers / New & Used Systems

One of our highlights is our ability to act as Project Manager for an overall Emergency Backup Power Deployment.  This includes working with the client on all aspects of getting a backup power plan into place.  We will help you assess your needs, help you shop for a proper UPS, work with you to set up an acceptable staging area, get necessary permits, work with the electricians, work with the generator sales and install people, coordinate the UPS purchase, delivery, and installation (usually we do this ourselves), and train your plant personnel on their role in the ongoing maintenance and testing of the system.  We are one of the only “one stop shops” for Emergency Power in the Region.   Let us help you get rid of this one big headache!

Our Service Areas

We are headquartered in Cincinnatti, Ohio, and service all surrounding states on a daily basis. This includes: Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, West Virginia, and Indiana, and offer fast-response, 24-hour service.

Our Value Proposition as UPS Experts

Our philosophy on helping our customers is to “do what is right for the customer”. Building and maintaining mission criticial UPS and emergency power systems is serious business. We take the time to understand the risk appetite of different customers and weight the ramifications of their emergency power requirements taking their financial. In many cases, complete replacement of the current emergency power system may be justified, if not, we can help you determine an economical way of keeping your emergency power running efficiently and reliably. We can help you purchase a new system, or shop for an older/refurbished one. We also sell batteries if you need to purchase those.

If you are considering purchasing a new or used UPS, we highly recommend you read our executive summaries on the process.  You can find that page here.

You will find more tips and opinions on UPS and Emergency Power elsewhere on the site. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.