Equipment Sales

Power Source Service sells both new and used equipment.   We carry most things including:  UPS systems, Variable Speed Drives, Rectifiers, Power Control Systems, Conditioners, Battery Cabinets, and more.  Oftentimes, our equipment sales are coupled with consulting services due to the technical nature of our sales.

New Equipment

Next is a list of the new equipment that we sell.  We sell this gear because we would buy it ourselves if we had to buy equipment on the market.   This in our opinion is the best gear going in it’s own niche.  Power Source Service is an Authorized Dealer in the following brands:

  • Toshiba Equipment
  • Dual Lite
  • Controlled Power
  • Powervar
  • Staco

We are qualified technicians in working with other brands’ new equipment as well, including Liebert, Emerson, and more.

We listen carefully to our customer’s needs, then only recommend the best quality equipment for the situation.

Used Equipment & Refurbished Equipment

We do extensive work on maintaining older UPS systems once manufacturer warranties have expired and can help you find a second-hand system if your budget does not allow you to purchase a new one.  Our team of experts, including electricians, battery vendors, and electrical engineers will put together a top-notch custom package for any circumstance.

Periodically we will post used systems on our website.  If you are looking for a lower cost, used UPS system, call us.  The industry is small and our relationships with current customers and some competitors who may be replacing an older system gives us an inside angle on finding these used and replaced UPS systems.